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How A Demand Letter Can Move Your Personal Injury Claim Forward


An accident can happen when you least expect it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that an estimated 35 million people make injury-related emergency room visits nationwide each year. When someone is harmed due to the negligence—careless or reckless conduct of another party—they have the right to pursue compensation for the at-fault party.

Unfortunately, in practice, getting a full and just personal injury settlement from a defendant or large insurance company can be difficult. A demand letter is a legal tool that can help to move a claim forward. In this blog post, our personal injury attorney discusses how a demand letter can be used to move your personal injury claim towards a favorable resolution.

Understanding the Purpose of a Personal Injury Demand Letter

 A demand letter is essentially a form of notice. In the context of personal injury law, it is a letter sent from claimant (victim) to the defendant and/or their insurance carrier. A demand letter comes before a lawsuit is filed. Its core purpose is to notify the other side that you have a claim, confirm that you intend to pursue the claim, and explain what needs to be done to resolve the matter. In other words, a demand letter serves as a demand for settlement.

 What Makes a Personal Injury Demand Letter Work

 To get favorable results in a personal injury claim, a demand letter should be drafted by an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney. A personal injury settlement demand needs to be well-written and customized to the specific circumstances. In general, a demand letter will include all of the following five core elements:

  1. A description of accident and the injuries;
  2. A well-supported statement explaining the defendant’s liability;
  3. A comprehensive account of damages and request for compensation;
  4. A reasonable deadline for a response from the recipient; and
  5. A clear statement that you intend to file a lawsuit if the case is not settled.

Personal Injury Tip: You do not want to include too many or too few details in a personal injury demand letter. A Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can help you get it right.   

A Demand Letter Can Help Move a Personal Injury Claim Towards Settlement

 What happens after a personal injury demand letter is sent depends on several case-specific factors. It is possible that the initial response will be an agreement to settle the case on the terms proposed in the demand letter. Though, with serious accidents in Las Vegas, it is more likely that the demand letter will start more intensive settlement negotiations.

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