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Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer

Interstate 15 is a major interstate highway carrying 18-wheeler truck traffic from just north of the Mexican border near San Diego all the way to Alberta, Canada. This is the CANAMEX corridor established under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and is considered by the federal government as a High Priority Corridor. I-15 crosses the southern tip of Nevada from Primm to Mesquite, Arizona, cutting straight through Paradise, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas on its way across the state. This means that in addition to the cars, taxis, Ubers and Lyfts plying the streets of Las Vegas 24/7, the highways in and around Las Vegas are equally crammed with semi-truck tractor-trailers at all hours of the day or night.

A collision with an 18-wheeler delivers enormous force to a passenger vehicle on impact, with the smaller vehicle being outweighed by more than 70,000 pounds. The damage that can be wrought on the smaller vehicle is indescribable, and the injuries suffered by vehicle occupants in a truck accident are often catastrophic if not fatal. When the accident was the fault of a negligent truck driver or trucking company, Cameron Law can help ensure that you get appropriate medical care and sufficient compensation to deal with all your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other legal damages recognized under Nevada personal injury law. We make a point of putting our clients first and making sure they are properly cared for as they work their way through this ordeal. You’re not alone; Cameron Law can help. If you’ve lost a loved one in a fatal truck accident on the I-15, or if you’ve been struck and hurt by a big rig on the I-215 Las Vegas Beltway, the I-515 to or from Henderson, or the spaghetti bowl of freeway interchanges in Downtown Las Vegas, call our experienced Las Vegas truck accident lawyer for a free consultation.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Las Vegas

Truck drivers might have specialized training in how to handle a big rig and its complicated braking systems, but truck drivers can nevertheless commit all the same driving errors that other drivers make. Truckers can be guilty of speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Truck drivers make their living by driving, and the faster they can complete one trip and start another, the more money they make. This incentive might lead truckers to drive faster than they should, longer than they should, or take risks such as aggressive maneuvers that they shouldn’t make. The difference is that when truck drivers make mistakes, the result is not likely to be a fender bender that both parties walk away from. Truck accidents can end in jackknifes, rollovers, multi-car pileups, and collisions that utterly destroy the car they hit and the lives of the people inside.

In addition to common driving errors, drivers of 18-wheelers and commercial vehicles are prone to making other mistakes specific to the trucking industry which end in costly, painful accidents. These negligent truck driving errors include:

  • Fatigued driving – Truck drivers are lawfully allowed to put in 14-hour days with 11 hours of driving time and to work for seven or eight days straight before they have to take just 32 hours off. They can legally drive eight hours at a stretch and even longer when traffic conditions put them behind schedule. If these hours don’t sound punishing enough, know that many truckers routinely violate the law and work even longer, manipulating their driving logs to hide their violations. Even a fresh driver can quickly succumb to the monotony of the road; drowsy or fatigued drivers are at risk of nodding off behind the wheel, making errors in judgment, and causing accidents due to their slower reflexes and delayed reaction time.
  • Negligent truck maintenance – You would think that trucking companies would maintain their fleets of vehicles in good shape, but that is far from being the case. When government agencies and traffic safety groups pull over commercial vehicles for inspections, they find they have to take about one in five vehicles off the road because their tires or brakes are in such bad shape they pose an immediate threat and driving hazard. When truck accidents happen because a crucial truck component failed at a critical moment, trucking companies can and should be held liable for negligent maintenance or the lack of maintenance responsible for the crash.
  • Loading errors – Truck trailers, flatbeds, and delivery vans all have to be loaded carefully and securely for safe driving. An overloaded truck is more prone to tire or brake failure and to roll over in an accident. An improperly balanced load or one that becomes unbalanced during transit can cause the driver to lose control and end up in a jackknife truck accident. Unsecured loads can fall off of beds or out of trailers and create havoc on the roads for miles. Many different parties might ultimately be responsible for cargo loading mistakes, including the driver, the trucking company, the shipper or third party that loaded the truck, and combinations of multiple parties.

Truck accidents are complicated events, but the experienced truck accident attorney at Cameron Law will commit his team to finding out what happened and holding all appropriate parties responsible for the harm they have caused. Trucking companies are often well-insured, and for good reason. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and bring a case that proves their need for significant and meaningful compensation to deal with their injuries or loss.

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