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Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

Hundreds of people die and thousands more are seriously injured in car accidents every year in Nevada, and two-thirds of all crashes happen in Clark County. These accidents are attributable to causes like drunk drivers, speeding, and distracted driving. In other words, almost all car accidents could be avoided if people drove with more care and attention to the safety of themselves and others. Cameron Law is a personal injury law firm that works to hold negligent drivers accountable to the people they have harmed through their negligence. Let us put our experience to work for you. Contact our experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer today,

Nevada Car Accident Law

All drivers in Nevada are required to carry liability insurance that will pay the damages in a car accident if the insured driver is found to be at fault. At the very least, drivers must have 25/50/20 auto liability insurance, which means $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury, plus $20,000 for property damage per accident. Many drivers opt for higher amounts of coverage to protect their personal assets, as well as uninsured motorist coverage to protect them if they get in an accident with an uninsured driver or are injured in a hit-and-run.

Even though insurance is available, making a successful claim against a negligent driver’s insurance policy is not a simple matter. Insurance companies hire professional adjusters who come out to investigate the accident and inspect the damage with the purpose of minimizing their liability. If they can, they’ll say the accident was not their driver’s fault. They might even try to put the blame for the crash on the accident victim, saying the victim was at least partly responsible for causing the wreck through their own negligence. Under Nevada law, an accident victim’s own negligence will reduce the amount they can recover from the other driver proportionately, and if they are considered to be more at fault than the other driver, then they can’t recover any compensation at all.

When the negligent driver’s fault is clear, the insurance adjusters aren’t done yet. Now they’ll say the accident victim wasn’t really hurt very bad, or that their injuries are due to some pre-existing condition. If they don’t outright refuse to pay, they are likely to make an unreasonably low settlement offer, hoping the accident victim will accept their offer before talking to a lawyer. Car accident victims get far less from the insurance company when they don’t have a lawyer representing them; they don’t know how much their claim is worth, and they don’t have the skills to go up against the professional negotiators at the insurance company who are specially trained and settle claims every day.

At Cameron Law, all we do are personal injury cases, and we are as skilled and experienced in settlement negotiations and litigation as the insurance company representatives on the other side. We know the law, we know how much your claim is worth, and we know how to build a case that results in a settlement or judgment that reflects your needs and the damage done. Count on us to put your needs first and work to see that your claim is successful and fully paid.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Las Vegas

Your first concern after a crash should be to see to your own safety. If you need First Aid or transportation to the hospital, call for help or accept a ride from someone at the scene. If you are physically able, you also have the duty to make sure others are okay, including getting help or rendering aid if you can. If you don’t need emergency medical care, you should wait for the police to arrive and exchange information with the other driver, including insurance information (name of company, phone number, policy number).

After any accident that causes injury or results in $750 or more in property damage, Nevada law requires the drivers involved to report the crash to the DMV within ten days. If the police came to the scene and made a report, additional reporting to the DMV is not necessary.

You’ll also need to promptly notify the insurer soon after the accident to preserve your right to make a claim. Talk to a lawyer before making any recorded statements or communicating with the insurance company. We can take on this task for you or advise you so you are positioned for a successful claim.

Contact An Experienced Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer Today

An experienced personal injury attorney from Cameron Law can help make sure you take the appropriate steps to get your claim underway. We’ll take over the legal side of things so you can focus your energies on getting better and getting your life back in order. For help after a crash in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, or Spring Valley, call our experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer today.

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