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When Is A Las Vegas Business Liable For A Slip And Fall Accident?


The National Floor Safety Institute reports that more than one million people nationwide seek professional medical care for slip and fall accident injuries annually. In Nevada, a business may be legally liable for a slip and fall accident—but they are not automatically assigned blame for an injury that occurs on their premises. In this article, our slip and fall accident attorney explains what you need to prove to hold a business legally liable for a slip and fall in Nevada.

You Must Prove that the Slip and Fall Occurred Because of a Negligent Safety Hazard 

A slip and fall accident claim in Las Vegas falls under the Nevada premises liability statute. The key thing to understand about premises liability law is that it allows injured victims to hold a property owner or property occupier (business) legally responsible for an accident. However, Nevada law is very clear: Businesses are not automatically liable for slip and fall accidents. Instead, a business is only liable for a slip and fall accident if the accident occurs because of negligence. Put another way, the slip and fall must have happened due to an unreasonably dangerous safety hazard, such as:

  • Unmarked slippery floors;
  • Uncleaned/unaddressed spills;
  • Loose floorboards or damaged flooring;
  • A tattered rug or carpet;
  • Loose cords strung across walking ways; and
  • Lack of lighting in stairwells.

The Bottom Line: A business in Las Vegas is liable for a slip and fall accident if the accident happened because of an unreasonably dangerous safety hazard. To prove that a slipping or tripping hazard is unreasonably dangerous, a claimant (injured victim) must prove that it was allowed to exist or persist due to the negligence of a business or property owner. All serious slip and fall accidents must be thoroughly investigated by an experienced Las Vegas premises liability lawyer.

 Recovering Compensation for a Slip and Fall in Nevada 

Following a serious slip and fall at a Las Vegas area business, you need money to pay your bills. The unfortunate reality is that you cannot trust a business, property owner, or a commercial insurance company to look out for your best interests. Our Las Vegas premises liability attorney has the skills and experience to help you maximize your compensation. Recovery may be available for:

  • Emergency room treatment;
  • Hospital bills and other medical costs;
  • Loss of current and future wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Long-term disability, impairment, or disfigurement. 

Get Help From Our Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Today

At Cameron Law, our Las Vegas premises liability attorney has the skills, experience, and legal expertise to take on all types of slip and falls. If you or someone you know was hurt in a slip and fall accident, you need proactive legal representation. Contact our law firm today for a free review of your case. With an office in Las Vegas, we represent slip and fall accident victims throughout Clark County, including in Henderson, Paradise, and Spring Valley.


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