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“Trapped Under Trucks”: Dangerous Underride Crashes


Underride crashes occur when a smaller compact car slides partly under the side or back of a commercial truck between the wheels during a collision. These accidents can lead to devastating injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, serious head and neck injuries, PTSD, and even death for those in the compact cars due to the vehicles’ relative height differences and the point of impact failing to engage certain safety features on compact cars, such as the airbags. It is rare for minor injuries to occur as a result of underride crashes; Many end up having to go on disability after these accidents; and file lawsuits not only against the driver, but the delivery company, and other companies involved, such as Amazon.

In 2021, more than 400 people died in underride crashes, although they are likely underreported because states like Nevada and others do not have consistent reporting systems in place for them. They can be especially frightening because, in many of these accidents, those in the compact cars felt that they were doing everything they could to stay safe – using seat belts, driving at the speed limits, driving in the correct lane, etc. – and yet the accident was still unavoidable.

Laws & Regulations

Regulations require that truck trailers have rear safety bars, known as underride guards, to prevent these crashes. However, many safety experts have pointed out that stronger rear guards are necessary in order to not only prevent them from occurring in the first place, but in order to better protect those who are involved in these accidents. Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not mandate guards for the sides of commercial trucks, which is what helps to prevent side underride crashes. As a result, there is a disturbing history of government inaction in the face of a clear threat to public wellbeing.

Experts have advised the agency to also provide information to police departments concerning how to properly identify and record these crashes – i.e. to provide a standard definition that will allow for data collection based on crash report forms, at a minimum – so that the extent of this issue can be fully documented and understood.

Contact Our Las Vegas Truck Accident Attorneys If You Are Hurt

A collision with a large commercial truck has tremendous impacts on smaller vehicles and its passengers. The damages and injuries are catastrophic, if not fatal. It is critical that you speak with experienced personal injury and truck accident attorneys right away in order to ensure that you receive appropriate medical care and damages to ensure that you can get back on the road to recovery.

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