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FedEx Comes Under Scrutiny for Driver Accident Rates


FedEx has of late come under scrutiny for the number of accidents their drivers have been in, and the potential danger this poses to the general public. According to the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the company – which employs approximately 6,000 delivery and big-rig contractors – had almost 90 fatal accidents in the US just over the last two years, and its counterpart, FedEx Express, also experienced several fatal crashes during that same period.

Its main competitor, UPS, had more than 65 accidents over the same period, even while logging  more miles. UPS also delivers approximately 60 percent more packages than FedEx.

Issues Related to Experienced Driver Retention

FedEx now claims that they are implementing initiatives that promote the use of technology in order to allow their drivers enhanced visibility and ensure that safety is at the “forefront of everything [that they] do.” They have also indicated that an artificial intelligence-based system that can detect when a driver is distracted and send alerts is on the horizon.

However, some current and former delivery contractors have indicated that FedEx has not addressed the structural issues related to high driver turnover, which can lead to more accidents: According to some, accidents tend to involve new drivers in their first few months on the job. Indeed, research has supported this phenomenon, indicating that, in general, commercial drivers with more experience on the job tend to be safer on the roads in general.

In fact, those who now work for the company have indicated that it is going in the opposite direction, and actually engaging in practices that will lead to even more turnover, and thus less experienced drivers who are more prone to getting into accidents, including reducing terms and durations of contracts, which then makes it more difficult for small business operations linked to FedEx to boost wages and invest in their fleets.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors of an upcoming tentative labor agreement for UPS contractors that promises to pay drivers $49/hour, plus full pension and health benefits, after four years of working there. While turnover for FedEx is at a reported 30 to 40 percent, it is well below one percent for UPS. As a result, there is skepticism surrounding whether FedEx can resolve its safety problems when its contractors are paid so much less than UPS.

Jury Awards $8M for Las Vegas FedEx Truck Crash

Last year, one Las Vegas, Nevada court just awarded $8 million to a woman who suffered back injuries after being hit by a FedEx truck. The accident occurred on I-95, where the FedEx driver failed to properly apply his brakes and slammed into the back of her car.

If You’ve Been Hurt in a Driver Accident, Contact Our Personal Injury Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident with a major company like FedEx, it is critical that you speak with a truck accident attorney right away in order to ensure that you know your rights and you are protected, should you require medical care and in case there are additional repercussions from the accident, such as lost wages or emotional distress. Contact the truck accident attorneys of Cameron Law today to find out how we can help.


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