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Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Motorcycle Accident > Is Lane Splitting Illegal In Nevada?

Is Lane Splitting Illegal In Nevada?


Lane splitting is the practice of driving a motorcycle between lanes of traffic that are moving in the same direction. This practice is popular among motorcyclists, as it allows them to move more quickly through congested areas.

However, lane splitting can be dangerous and can lead to serious accidents, not to mention that most states make driving/riding between two lanes of traffic illegal. But what about Nevada?

If you or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident in Nevada, you might want to discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer. At Cameron Law, our Henderson motorcycle accident lawyer can explain the laws that might affect your case and help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Is Lane Splitting Illegal in Nevada?

Nevada Revised Statutes § 486.351 states that it is illegal for motorcyclists to drive a motorcycle/moped between moving/stationary vehicles occupying adjacent traffic lanes. The only exception applies if you are a police officer performing your duties.

This law was created with public safety in mind—to help ensure that all drivers are aware that motorcycles may be present when driving and that they should always remain alert and cautious while on the roadways. Additionally, this law provides legal protection for both motorcyclists and other drivers from potential accidents caused by lane-splitting activities.

Can Both Parties Be Held Liable for a Motorcycle Collision Involving Lane Splitting?

If you get into an accident while lane-splitting on your motorcycle, both parties may be held liable for damages incurred during the crash. If one party was engaging in unsafe behavior such as speeding, they may still be held responsible for any injuries you have suffered, even if you were lane splitting at the time of the accident. It’s important to remember that each situation will be unique and must be evaluated on its own merits by an experienced attorney.

The Dangers of Lane Splitting

Lane splitting can be dangerous for several reasons. First, it puts motorcyclists at risk because they are driving at high speeds in close proximity to other vehicles. This increases their chances of becoming involved in an accident if another driver does not see them or does not have enough time to react appropriately.

In addition, lane splitting can also create an unsafe situation for other drivers who may not expect to have a motorcycle pass them suddenly in between two cars. This increases the likelihood of a collision occurring due to a lack of awareness or reaction time on behalf of other drivers.

What Damages Can You Recover if the Other Party Was at Fault?

In a motorcycle collision involving lane splitting, you may be able to recover damages related to medical expenses (including physical therapy), lost wages due to time off work caused by the injury, and property damage (such as repair costs for your bike).

In addition, depending upon the circumstances of the case, you may also be able to recover non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and emotional distress related to your injury or loss caused by the accident. Again, an experienced attorney can help evaluate your case and determine what type of compensation may be available for your particular situation.

Discuss Your Case with a Lawyer at Cameron Law

As you can see, lane splitting is illegal in Nevada. However, if you were lane splitting when the accident occurred, it doesn’t mean you cannot recover damages if the other party was also negligent. However, each case is unique, which is why you may want to discuss yours with a lawyer at Cameron Law. Schedule a free case review today by calling 702-745-4545.



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