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Don’t Get Sued: Keep Your Home Safe for Visitors


You probably have heard a lot about people who are negligent, or who cause injuries to others. And when you think about injury lawsuits, you probably think more in terms of what happens if you are injured by someone else’s negligence. But have you given thought to how to avoid injuring other people?

It’s About Our Homes

Sure, we drive all the time, and there is always the chance that a car accident could injure someone else. But there’s another way that you could end up accidentally injuring someone else: Inside your home.

You probably invite people to your home, or have people over, on a regular basis. But every time someone steps into your home, there is a chance they can get injured—and you can get sued.

How do you stop or minimize the chances of that happening? There’s never any completely guaranteed way. But there are some common sense things you can do, to keep your home as safe as possible, and in turn, to lower the risk that you could get sued for injuring someone else.

Make Those Repairs When Things Break

You know all those little things in your home that have been broken for a long time? They’ve probably been broken for so long, you may have forgotten about them—or at least, you are aware of them, and thus, you can avoid the dangers that they present.

But visitors to your home don’t know about that. They don’t know about the shelf that is one screw away from collapsing, or the wobbly handrail from the stairs, or about that driveway that has been super-slick for months because it needs refinishing.

And when they get injured because of those conditions, it’s you that can get sued. Be diligent in fixing the big and the little things, to avoid injury.

Warnings and Signage

You know how when something is dangerous at a store, they put up cones, or ropes, or even a sign? Follow that same advice. Obviously, the best course is to fix things, or be diligent in cleaning, so that there are no hazards. But when there are hazards that can’t immediately be fixed or repaired or cleaned up, the best course is to put barriers and warnings, letting others know to watch out.

Negligent Supervision

Too often we have more people in our homes than we can supervise or manage. This is especially true when it comes to children. When there are more children in your home than you can watch or supervise, you could end up liable for a negligent supervision claim when any one of those kids gets injured.

The same has to do with teenagers; hosting a party for your teenage son or daughter may seem “safe,” as you are supervising them—but when there are too many of them, it becomes more than an adult or even two can reasonably supervise.

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