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When Criminal Incidents Give Rise to Injury Lawsuits: Las Vegas Daycare Incidents


There are frequent connections between – and civil lawsuits brought in conjunction with – criminal incidents, as, where a facility and/or individual is facing criminal charges for child abuse/neglect, that same facility can be sued by the family for negligence.

Take, for example, a recent incident involving a Las Vegas daycare, which is now facing child abuse charges after a violent incident caused a child to require surgery: While this incident currently involves a criminal investigation by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the family of the child injured in this incident also now has the option of working with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney to also file a civil lawsuit against the daycare to help cover medical costs and emotional distress associated with the incident.

When You Know Something Bad Happened

Many of us have been through harrowing incidents involving child daycares and schools, where there was either the feeling or even direct evidence indicating that something terrible had happened to our child. This is what happened at the Creme de la Creme daycare here in Vegas, where one mother found blood on her child’s mouth when she went to pick him up. Sadly, in this particular incident, the next morning, the child’s tooth was found to be pushed up into his gums, and he had to be taken to an emergency appointment, where the dentist found that the child had experienced a trauma fall and would need surgery to remove his two front teeth and avoid damage and infection.

Filing Complaints with Child Care Licensing

What often follows is some kind of innocent excuse or explanation by the daycare owner – the child fell on a toy, or another child injured that child, etc. Yet, in these cases, involving the State of Nevada’s Child Care Licensing agency can sometimes yield a more accurate investigation – even, sometimes, the ability to obtain footage of the incident, which can help clarify what exactly happened, and whether violent force was used by any of the daycare workers.

Frequently, parents find that facilities where these incidents occur also have a history of issues there, where other parents have filed complaints with the same agency – or there have been criminal investigations, lawsuits, etc. over incidents where a child got hurt or injured there, and these complaints then become available to the public.


Indeed, when it comes to Creme de la Creme daycare here in Las Vegas, this has happened before: In May 2022, one family sued this same daycare after a teacher reportedly picked up and threw their two-year-old child around, breaking the child’s leg. This incident was also recorded on video footage that was reviewed afterwards, and a trip to urgent care revealed that the child’s femur was severely fractured, requiring surgery.

Contact A Las Vegas Personal Injury Recovery Attorney

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