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Las Vegas Hotels Reported for Bed Bugs


Las Vegas hotels: CaesarsPalace, Circus Circus, MGM Grand, Palazzo, Planet Hollywood, Sahara, and Tropicana were recently reported for the presence of bed bugs, and this includes reports of people being bitten. In some of these locations, nearby rooms were closed for two weeks after these reports and treated/cleaned, still, the presence of these pests is concerning, especially since regular testing can be conducted in these facilities in order to ensure, ahead of time, that guests aren’t potentially exposed to them, and yet these hotels appear to have failed to stay on top of that preventative care.

Bed bugs, once established, are notoriously difficult to remove, requiring that property not only be completely vacated and cleaned, but, in a number of circumstances, also fumigated.

Telltale Signs of Bed Bugs

The most common signs of bed bugs include the following telltale signs:

  • Bites: If you are waking up with any kind of bite on your body, you should investigate. Bed bug bites, specifically, can appear as inflamed, itchy pimples, and can be raised or blistered, as well as sporadically or zig-zagged across the skin
  • Blood stains: From biting you in any exposed area of skin while you sleep, which will result in tiny blood stains on your bed sheets and/or pillows that are dark red or brown in color
  • Eggs: While these eggs are very small, they are visible to the naked eye, and often semi-transparent and shiny – they are approximately 1 mm in length
  • Feces: These look like black spots – almost like an ink stain, when clustered – and can be found under mattress steams, or even around the headboard and walls. Some mistake them for mildew or mold
  • Musty odor: Some have described the odor left by bed bugs as resembling coriander or expired raspberries, or even moldy laundry
  • Shed skins: The bugs shed their exoskeletons five times before reaching maturity – they are also approximately 1 mm in length , and often translucent with a yellow tint
  • The bugs: While, for the most part, they hide during waking hours, it is still possible to see one or two, especially if there is an infestation. They are approximately 5 mm in length, and a deep reddish-brown color, with an oval-shaped body. While they do not jump or fly, they do move fast

 These critters tend to gravitate towards areas where humans lounge and stay in one spot for a period of time, such as beds and sofas. In order to check your hotel room for their presence, experts recommend turning off all the lights, closing the shades, and using a flashlight to check the beds for bugs, including under the creases of the mattress.

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