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Generators Are Injuring and Killing People Every Year


In late September, Generac Power Systems announced that it is recalling approximately 64,000 of its GP15000E and GP17500E generators that have the ability to malfunction and injure people, where these defects have resulted in at least three severe burn injuries and close to 30 reported incidents of overheating and pressurizing or expelling fuel when opened. Specifically, the defect lies in the generators’ fuel tank reportedly failing to vent adequately from the rollover valve in some circumstances, resulting in excess pressure building up in the gas tank and fuel being expelled when opened, resulting in fire and burn hazards. Generac has also, in the last few months, agreed to pay a close to $16 million civil penalty for failing to immediately report a separate defect issue that involved the ability for its portable generator models to crush or partially amputate users’ fingers to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In addition, portable generators, which emit carbon monoxide, are amongst the deadliest consumer products in existence. They can emit as much carbon monoxide as 450 cars, and they kill an average of 70 people in the U.S. every year, injuring thousands more.

Yet more and more families are purchasing generators, especially in light of some of the natural disasters due to climate change that we face – and even in the wake of COVID – feeling that they provide the assurance needed to feel safe in their homes.

Why Does This Happen?

Sadly, the danger of portable generators has been understood for decades, however, regulations that would force companies to reduce monoxide emissions and make the machines safer have been stymied while manufacturers have been allowed to regulate themselves, and this has resulted in continuing injuries and deaths.

Strict Liability

This isn’t the first time Generac has had to recall defective generators: In 2021, a recall of yet another model of its portable generators occurred due to safety concerns. Generac and other manufacturers and distributors can be held liable for any harm caused by a defect with the product. To prevail in a strict liability claim, the harmed plaintiff would have to prove that the product was inherently defective, and this defect directly caused the harm. This can be done by alleging design defects, manufacturing defects, and/or marketing or labeling defects.

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