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Fear of Retaliation in Nursing Homes Leads to Dangerous Accidents


According to a new report, a number of nursing home residents around the country live in fear of retaliation if they report the negligence and abuse that they are experiencing. This fear not only implies ongoing physical abuse, but causes significant emotional harm as well on the residents, as it is the fear and resulting inaction itself which leads to emotional, physical, and psychological harm to the more vulnerable residents. And retaliation can not only include physical retaliation, but, for example, delaying care or sabotaging meals. Perhaps most alarming, according to one study, more than 40 percent of residents who witnessed abuse of other residents did not report it, in large part due to fear of experiencing retaliation as a result.

Unfortunately, nursing homes throughout the U.S. remain understaffed, where the homes turn over more than half of their staff over a 12-month period, including a 50 percent turnover in RNs. Sadly, staffing issues remain associated with poor quality of care for residents and, on top of that, fear of pointing out oversights can ultimately lead to residents getting hurt; sometimes fatally.

Litigation in Las Vegas

Recently, the daughter of a woman who died after falling out of her bed at a Las Vegas nursing home filed litigation against the facility, alleging negligence and wrongful death. Reportedly, the victim lived at the Silver Hills Health Center in the northwest (owned by Covenant Care, Inc.), and when she fell out of her bed that morning, she suffered a right distal femur fracture and hemorrhagic shock as a result, accompanied by a significant amount of pain to her right extremities and back. She reportedly lay on the floor of her room in extreme pain, begging for help, for 15 minutes, and was only assisted once she was able to text her own daughter, whereby she was transferred to a hospital and passed away that evening. According to the assessment she received once in the hospital, she was described as a resident who had been, for some time, at significant risk for falls, whereby the fall and underlying comorbidities proved overwhelming to her body and ultimately led to her death.

Less Fear, More Accident Prevention

Arguably, accidents like these could be better prevented if residents were less afraid of making requests and pointing out when they need additional assistance or supervision; if not for the fear of retaliation. Clearly, this particular resident needed a care plan with individualized interventions to prevent falls with significant injuries.

If You Have Concerns About A Nursing Home, Contact Our Las Vegas Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

When we place a loved one in a nursing home facility, we expect them to receive quality care, including when it comes to medical treatment and attention to their nutritional needs; not to mention treatment with dignity and respect. Sadly, according to the many reports assembled on a number of facilities, that isn’t always the case.

If you have a family member whom you suspect has been the victim of negligence in a nursing home facility, it is critical that you form a plan right away with the assistance of an experienced nursing home lawyer. At Cameron Law, PLLC, our team can help you investigate your concerns and figure out what makes sense in terms of the next steps. Contact us today to set up a free consultation, and let us help you and your loved one, before it is too late.


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