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Spring Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As gasoline prices rise, more people turn to lower fuel consumption alternatives, such as motorcycles. With more riders on Las Vegas streets and highways, one would think that four-wheel vehicle operators would keep a sharper lookout for motorcycles. Alas, that’s not true, at least in most cases. Most riders who have gone down heard the other driver say something like “You came out of nowhere.” Basically, such a statement is an admission that the other driver didn’t maintain a proper lookout.

A diligent Spring Valley motorcycle accident lawyer from Cameron Law knows what it takes to obtain the financial compensation these victims need and deserve. Victims need this compensation to pay the staggering medical bills and other expenses that such accidents cause. Victims deserve this compensation because, under Nevada law, damages must put victims in the same place they were in before an accident. A money judgment isn’t time travel to before the accident, but it’s the next best thing.

Motorcycle Crash Injuries

In vehicle collisions, the motorcycle rider fatality rate is almost thirty times higher than the four-wheel vehicle occupant fatality rate. This statistic highlights the serious nature of the injuries motorcycle crash victims sustain. These serious injuries include:

  • Head Injuries: Motorcycle helmets prevent many kinds of head injuries. But they certainly don’t prevent all of them. Protective headgear usually doesn’t shield the neck and forehead. Additionally, helmets do nothing to prevent motion-related head injuries. When riders fall off their bikes, their brains slam against the insides of their skulls.
  • Biker’s Arm: Falls also cause nerve injuries. Most people naturally extend their arms to break their falls. This reaction snaps nerves in the brachial plexus bundle under the arms. The result is usually permanent facial paralysis.
  • Internal Bleeding: This same motion also causes internal organs to bump and grind against each other. Since internal organs have no protective skin layers, this friction causes severe bleeding. Internal bleeding is hard to detect and even harder to stop. Therefore, when most motorcycle crash victims reach hospitals, they’re already on the brink of hypovolemic shock.

The average injury-related hospital bill is over $50,000. To ease the financial pressure these victims feel, a Spring Valley motorcycle accident lawyer connects victims with doctors who charge nothing upfront for their services. These professionals focus on injury-related matters, so they know how to effectively diagnose and treat these injuries.

Liability Issues and Spring Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Failure to maintain a proper lookout is a clear violation of a motorist’s duty of care. This duty requires them to avoid accidents whenever possible and always drive defensively.

However, a preliminary negligence case isn’t enough to obtain maximum compensation in these situations. Victim/plaintiffs must also be prepared for certain insurance company defenses, such as the motorcycle helmet defense.

In many states, the motorcycle helmet defense is quite clear. This defense, which blames riders for their own injuries if they weren’t wearing a helmet, is either allowed or not. But Nevada’s motorcycle helmet defense, which is found in N.R.S. § 484D.495, is rather vague. So, a lawyer must be ready for a fight.

Not all motorcycle accident defenses are found in a book. Insurance company lawyers also often use the motorcycle prejudice. This prejudice holds that riders are reckless thugs who don’t use proper caution. Once again, an attorney must be ready to respond to this defense.

Reach Out to a Diligent Spring Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Injury victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Spring Valley motorcycle accident lawyer, contact Cameron Law. You have a limited amount of time to act.

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