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Paradise Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle enthusiasts know that there is nothing quite like the open road, so they are fortunate to enjoy their favorite activity year-round due to Nevada’s temperate, sunny climate. Unfortunately, there are substantial risks involved with motorcycle riding, particularly in the urban areas of the state. There are approximately 57 motorcycle accident fatalities every year, and 3 out of 4 take place in Clark County. There are ways to protect yourself, such as wearing a helmet and driving defensively. However, one of the biggest threats to your safety is negligent drivers.

If you were hurt in a motorcycle collision, retaining skilled legal counsel should be a priority. The team at Cameron Law is prepared to support your needs, as we have extensive experience representing victims of all types of personal injury cases. Please contact us to schedule a free case review with a Paradise motorcycle accidents lawyer who can explain details. Some background information about your remedies is also useful.

How Nevada Motorcycle Crashes Happen

Careless driving is the underlying cause of traffic collisions, but the theory of liability in the practice of law is negligence. To recover compensation, you must prove four essential elements:

  1. The other motorist had a duty to exercise reasonable care behind the wheel;
  2. This person breached the duty of care by engaging in unsafe conduct while driving;
  3. The breach of duty was the direct cause of the motorcycle accident in which you were injured; and,
  4. You suffered losses as a result of being hurt.

Examples of negligence include speeding, driving while intoxicated, running red lights, and distracted driving. However, there are some factors that are specific to motorcycle crashes, especially when careless motorists do not check twice for motorcycles. Failure to yield right of way, improper lane changes, illegal turns, and other misconduct can lead to serious accidents.

Factors that Impact Compensation in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Our Paradise motorcycle accidents lawyers at Cameron Law will handle the legal process, including filing an insurance claim, settlement discussions, and litigation. We will support you in recovering fair monetary damages for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses. The amount may be affected by:

  • The severity and nature of your injuries;
  • Whether you will sustain long-term complications or permanent disability;
  • How much work you missed because of being hurt;
  • Whether you will be able to return to your job consider physical limitations;
  • The strength of your evidence proving fault by the other driver;
  • How your injuries affect your quality of life and personal relationships; and,
  • Any negligent acts by you, since Nevada’s contributory negligence law reduces compensation when the victim is careless.

You Can Rely on a Paradise Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Legal Help

When you realize that there are numerous factors that could affect compensation for your motorcycle crash claim, you can see that assistance is critical. For more information on how we can help with your case, please contact Cameron Law to set up a no-cost consultation. A Paradise motorcycle accident lawyer can advise you after learning more about your situation.

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