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Paradise Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are one of America’s favorite pets, offering unconditional love, protection, and loyalty to millions of households across the US. They have become part of the family to such an extent that it can be easy to forget they canines are still animals. Dogs and many other pets can cause serious injuries through bites, attacks, and aggression. These incidents are unique in that the scarring and disfigurement often requires cosmetic surgery; plus, victims often suffer severe emotional trauma and a life-long fear of dogs.

Considering these extreme losses, it is important to take advantage of your legal options after a dog bite or animal attack. You can count on Cameron Law to guide you through the process, as our firm’s primary focus is personal injury cases. Please contact us today to schedule a free case review with a Paradise dog bite lawyer. Some background information about your rights is also useful.

Overview of Nevada Dog Bite Laws

Many US states have enacted statutes covering dog bites and animal attacks, but Nevada is not one of them. Instead, the legal concepts have been developed through common law principles and court decisions. There are three theories of liability through which you may qualify for compensation.

Negligence: This principle applies to all types of personal injury claims, and it requires proof that the dog’s owner did not exercise reasonable care in handling it.

Negligence Per Se: When an animal attack is the result of the owner breaking the law, victims may be able to recover damages through negligence per se. An example is not keeping a dog on a leash as required by statute.

The “One Bite” Rule: Under this doctrine, the owner could be liable when the dog had previously bitten or shown aggression, but only if he or she knew about the animal’s vicious tendencies.

Timeline of a Dog Bite Claim

Regardless of which theory applies to your situation, compensation for victims generally remains the same. You may qualify to recover amounts for medical treatment, cosmetic surgery, pain and suffering, and many other losses. Our Paradise dog & animal bites lawyers at Cameron Law aim to ensure you receive fair monetary damages, so we will:

  • Investigate and collect evidence to support your claim;
  • File forms and submit documentation for an insurance claim, since dog bite injuries are usually covered by homeowners’ insurance;
  • Engage in settlement discussions to resolve your claim out of court; and,
  • Pursue litigation in court if the insurance company denies your claim or makes a lowball offer to settle.

Count on a Paradise Dog Bite Attorney for Assistance

As you can see, the legal process and requirements for proving a dog bite claim are complicated. To avoid putting your rights at risk, trust our team at Cameron Law to advocate on your behalf. We are ready to fight for your rights, so please contact us today to schedule a free consultation. A Paradise dog bite lawyer will provide additional details about your rights.

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