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Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer > Paradise Casino Accident Lawyer

Paradise Casino Accident Lawyer

There are countless attractions throughout Southern Nevada, but it is no surprise that a large percentage of visitors are coming to the region to gamble. According to the Nevada State Gaming Control Board, there are 228 casinos in Clark County, most of which are extremely busy with patrons 24 hours a day. As you are sitting at the blackjack table, pulling the slots, or spinning the roulette wheel, you are probably not thinking about how the hazards around you could lead to serious injuries. Unfortunately, casino accidents are common when owners fail to maintain a safe space for guests.

If you were hurt at a casino, you may have rights under Nevada personal injury laws. The legal concept of premises liability applies, and our team at Cameron Law has extensive experience helping injured victims enforce their rights. We are aggressive in pursuing negligent property owners, so please contact us to speak to a Paradise casino accident lawyer about your rights. We can set up a no-cost consultation to discuss details, though some basics are informative.

Negligence in Premises Liability Claims

Though it is sometimes used interchangeably with carelessness, negligence is a theory of liability under personal injury laws. There are four legal criteria you must meet to recover monetary damages after a casino accident, so you need evidence proving:

  1. The casino owner had a duty to keep the premises in safe condition and free from foreseeable hazards. This obligation attaches under common law principles, but it might arise by statute, local regulations, or building codes.
  2. The facility’s owner breached this duty of care. Additional potential parties include the operator, a property management company, event promoter, security company, tenants, or others having control over the premises.
  3. The breach of duty was the direct cause of the casino accident, such that it would not have occurred but for the failure; and,
  4. You suffered losses as the result of being injured.

Types of Compensation in Casino Accident Cases

The process for obtaining monetary damages starts by filing a claim and attempting to settle out of court. Keep in mind that casinos and their liability insurers are for-profit businesses, and paying your claim affects their bottom line. Your claim may be denied, or you could receive a lowball counteroffer, at which point you must file a lawsuit in court.

Our Paradise casino accidents attorneys at Cameron Law will handle all tasks involved with the claims process and litigation. We will fight to ensure full compensation for:

  • Medical costs, including emergency treatment, hospitalization, surgery, and other care;
  • Lost wages if you cannot work after being injured;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Scarring and disfigurement;
  • Emotional distress; and,
  • Many other losses.

A Paradise Casino Accident Lawyer Will Tackle Essential Legal Tasks

Monetary damages go a long way to helping you cope after a casino accident, but it is wise to retain experienced legal counsel for assistance. To learn how we can help, please contact Cameron Law today to schedule a free case evaluation with a Paradise casino accidents attorney.

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