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Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer > North Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

North Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As all bikers know, riding a motorcycle is exhilarating and thrilling. With the price of gas always climbing, a motorcycle can also provide a more affordable and environmentally-friendly way to get around the city. Unfortunately, bikers face many risks when they are out on the road and accidents do happen. Without many of the safety features other motorists enjoy, bikers will sustain some of the most serious injuries when they are involved in a crash. Our North Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer can help you claim the compensation you need after being hurt.

Motorcycle Laws in North Las Vegas

Under state law, all motorcyclists and their passengers must wear a helmet at all times while they are on a bike. A face shield and protective goggles must also be worn unless the motorcycle has a built-in windshield or another type of screen in place. All motorcyclists are also required to obtain a Class M license before they are authorized to operate a bike on public roads.

Like most states throughout the country, lane splitting is against the law in Nevada. Lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist travels between two lanes of slow-moving traffic. The act is very dangerous, which is why it is prohibited by law. If a motorcyclist engages in lane splitting and becomes hurt, it will likely make it more difficult for them to obtain compensation after an accident.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in North Las Vegas

The vast majority of motorcycle accidents in North Las Vegas are caused by negligent, or careless, drivers. Some of the most common careless acts that result in a crash are as follows:

  • Impaired driving: Motorists who are impaired by alcohol or drugs cannot properly focus on the road, they experience perception issues, and they show poor judgment. All of these factors can easily result in a motorcycle accident.
  • Unsafe lane changes: Motorists have a legal duty to check their blind spots when making lane changes to ensure they do not cause a crash. While drivers may watch for larger vehicles, they may not see a smaller motorcycle until it is too late.
  • Unsafe left turns: Like improper lane changes, motorists may watch for larger vehicles in the oncoming lane of traffic, but they may not see a motorcycle, which is smaller than a passenger car. Drivers may think the way is clear and turn left, crashing into a motorcyclist when they do.
  • Speeding: Drivers who speed may not have the time or distance they need to slow down or come to a full stop before crashing into a motorcyclist.

It is important to determine the cause of any motorcycle accident, so you know who to hold liable for paying full and fair damages.

Call Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in North Las Vegas for a Free Case Review

If you or someone you love has been hurt, our North Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer at Cameron Law can provide the sound advice you need so you can collect the full settlement you deserve. Call us now at 702-745-4545 or connect with us online to schedule a free review of your case.

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