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Henderson Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

Swimming brings relief from the hot Nevada sun. Pools are fun in the summertime, but they can bring a lot of dangers. Whether you are swimming in a pool at home, at a public pool, at a hotel pool, or at a friend’s or neighbor’s pool, accidents can happen. Even when there are lifeguards, drownings and other accidents can happen.

A swimming pool injury is no laughing matter. It can easily lead to broken bones, head trauma, back and neck injuries, paralysis, and even death. That’s why victims need to be proactive and understand their legal options so they pursue financial recovery.

If you have been a victim, seek legal help right away. Call a Henderson swimming pool accident lawyer from Cameron Law today and see how we can help.

Common Injuries at Swimming Pools

If you’re swimming in a pool, be aware of the following dangers:

  • Drownings. When people think of swimming pool accidents, drownings tend to come to mind. Even good swimmers have a risk of drowning, but those who cannot swim at all should always wear a life jacket. There should always be a parent or other responsible adult to watch out for children as well.
  • Slippery sidewalks and decks. The water from the pool can create slippery surfaces. A slip on a sidewalk or deck can be catastrophic, resulting in broken bones, bruises, and neck and back injuries.
  • Diving injuries. Swimmers should not dive unless they know the depth of the water. Diving in shallow water can cause a broken neck and paralysis.
  • Drain entrapment. Drains at the bottom of the pool can be dangerous if they are not properly covered. Swimmers can get their swimsuit, hair, or limbs caught in the drain, causing entrapment, organ damage, amputation, and even drowning.
  • Poor lighting. When swimming at night, poor lighting can cause issues. For example, it can make it challenging for lifeguards to see a drowning victim, hampering rescue attempts.

Liability in Pool Accidents

Under Nevada law, business owners and homeowners can be held liable for swimming pool accidents that occur on their property. Nevada has an “attractive nuisance” law, which means that because unsecured swimming pools are attractive to children, homeowners or business owners can be held responsible for accidents, even if they did not give the child permission to be in the pool.

If a swimming pool accident occurred at a hotel or other public place, there may be multiple potentially liable parties. These may include the hotel, the swimming pool operator, the insurance company, and the lifeguard company.

Contact Cameron Law Today

Swimming pools are fun, but they’re not always safe. The water and equipment involved can cause drownings, slips and falls, and other accidents, all which can cause serious injury and even death.

Have you been injured by someone else’s pool? If so, the team at Cameron Law can help you file a claim. We know how devastating pool injuries can be. Let us help you fight back and get compensation and justice. To schedule a free consultation with a Henderson swimming pool accidents lawyer, call our office at 702-745-4545.

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