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Henderson Hotel & Casino Accident Lawyer

You’ve arrived at your hotel and are ready for a fun weekend, but there are many things that can derail your plans. Maybe you fell down the stairs or slipped on a wet floor. Maybe you were injured while sitting in a chair at the casino. Perhaps you were assaulted due to a lack of security.

You may not be worried about what can happen at a hotel or casino, but you should be. Just like any establishment, hotels and casinos need to keep their facilities free of hazards. But accidents happen and you need to be prepared.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to hotel and casino liability cases. They can be complicated, as hotel chains and casinos have a lot of money behind them. They have high-powered lawyers who will fight you. You need someone who won’t back down. You need someone who will get you the most money possible for your injuries and other damages. That’s why you need a Henderson hotel & casino accident lawyer from Cameron Law on your side.

Common Injuries in Hotels and Casinos

You may not think about getting injured while at a fun venue like a hotel or casino, but accidents happen quite often. Here are some common injuries to keep in mind:

  • Hotel room accidents. You may not have to go far to get injured. You may suffer an injury in your own hotel room. There should be stable furniture and no loose carpeting. There should be no bed bugs or problems with the flooring.
  • Elevator/escalator accidents. Las Vegas is known for tall buildings. Elevators are often used for transport and when they malfunction, they can throw a person to the ground and cause serious injuries.
  • Chair issues. There are thousands of chairs throughout a casino or hotel. They’re in the restaurants, at the gaming tables, and in the show areas. These chairs see heavy use and if they are not inspected, maintained, and replaced as needed, they can cause a variety of injuries.
  • Negligent security. Hotels and casinos bring in a lot of people and they must have adequate security to protect patrons. When they fail to do so, assaults and other crimes can occur.
  • Food poisoning. There are often many restaurants inside casinos. These places must practice safe food handling and storage procedures or else bacteria can develop. Salmonella and E. coli are two common types of food poisoning that can cause hospitalization and even death.

Contact Cameron Law Today

A fun trip to Las Vegas can quickly turn into disaster. If you have been injured at a hotel or casino, don’t handle your case on your own. Make sure to seek legal help.

Let Cameron Law help you with your claim. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully resolve your case. We’ll help you get the best settlement possible. Schedule a free consultation with a Henderson hotel & casino accidents lawyer today by calling 702-745-4545.

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