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Henderson Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

You are hit by a car on the freeway. You pull over, but the other vehicle keeps on going. What do you do now?

Under Nevada law, drivers who are involved in a crash are supposed to stop at the accident scene. When they don’t, it is called fleeing the accident scene. The accident is classified as a hit and run. A hit and run driver can be charged with a criminal act. If there were no injuries, then the act is classified as a misdemeanor. When there are injuries or death, it becomes a felony charge.

What should you do after a hit and run accident? After getting medical help and contacting your insurance company, you should seek legal advice. A Henderson hit & run accident lawyer from Cameron Law can help you understand your potential legal options after being involved in an accident of this nature.

Causes of Hit and Run Crashes

Why do drivers refuse to stop at an accident scene? There are a couple theories:

  • The driver is uninsured. A driver without insurance will likely flee the scene because they can get fined. Driving without car insurance in Nevada is a misdemeanor that comes with a fine of up to $1,000, plus a license reinstatement fee of as much as $750.
  • The driver is intoxicated. A driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs does not want to be caught by police. Therefore, they are likely to flee the accident scene, especially if they have previous convictions.
  • The driver has traffic tickets or warrants. A person with prior traffic violations or warrants for their arrest will likely be arrested if they remain at the accident scene. Therefore, they are willing to flee and take their chances.
  • The driver is panicked. Humans have a fight or flight reflex and in high-stress situations, some drivers may leave the accident scene, even if they have a clean criminal record. They often come to their senses later and turn themselves in.

What To Do

After a hit and run accident, follow these steps:

  • Call the police. Call 911 immediately so a police officer can try to catch the fleeing driver. The sooner you call them, the better your chances.
  • Seek medical attention. Some injuries have delayed symptoms, so even if you feel fine after the crash, you should see a doctor. Failure to seek medical care can also affect your case.
  • Hire a lawyer. The at-fault driver is not always caught, making hit and run accidents complicated. A personal injury lawyer can help you understand your options for financial recovery, such as health insurance and uninsured motorist insurance. Your lawyer can also work directly with the insurance company.

Contact Cameron Law Today

Hit and run crashes can be frustrating to handle. In many cases, the driver is never found, leaving you on your own to cover your car repairs and other expenses.

You do have options. Cameron Law can help. Count on our Henderson hit & run accident lawyer to assess your case and help you find avenues for financial recovery. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 702-745-4545.

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