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Henderson Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

When a person is behind the wheel of a vehicle, they need to pay attention. There could be vehicles in front of them. Hazards could lurk everywhere.

When a person is distracted, they aren’t paying attention. They may be on their phone. They may be reading or grooming. They may be dealing with pets or passengers.

Distracted driving is a serious issue that kills several thousand people every year. Many more are injured. Have you been affected? If so, seek legal help from a Henderson distracted driving accident lawyer from Cameron Law.

Causes of Distracted Driving

What are drivers getting distracted by while behind the wheel? Here are some common distractions:

  • Phone use. Texting is the most dangerous distraction, as it causes people to take their eyes and hands off the wheel. However, talking on the phone, even while using Bluetooth, can be distracting, as drivers tend to focus on their phone conversation and not what is going on in the road in front of them.
  • Dealing with passengers. Whether you’re dealing with unruly children or trying to have a conversation with a friend, passengers can be distracting. They can take your eyes and mind off the road, which can lead to a serious accident. It’s best to stay focused or pull over and handle misbehaving kids.
  • Pets. Just like little kids, pets can be a distraction while you’re driving. It’s best to keep your pets in a crate while you’re driving. When you keep them free, they can mess with your control, jump out the window, and even get into your lap and cause an accident.
  • Adjusting the radio/climate. Turning on the air conditioning or finding a good song on the radio may not seem like much of a distraction, but it can take your eyes off the road for several seconds, which is enough to cause a crash.
  • Eating and drinking. Many drivers are in a hurry and like to multitask, but eating and drinking while behind the wheel is more distracting than you may think. Both situations require one-handed driving, which can lead to a loss of control. Plus, eating is messy. You may get distracted by food dropped all over your shirt or in your car, so eat before you leave the house.
  • Rubbernecking. Ever notice that traffic sometimes comes to a standstill all because drivers are looking at a bad accident or something else on the side of the road? That’s called rubbernecking and it can result in a crash. Don’t be distracted by things you see on the side of the road or you could get into a serious accident.

Contact Cameron Law Today

Distracted driving should never be allowed while you’re behind the wheel. Even a few seconds looking down at your phone can result in serious accidents that can lead to catastrophic injuries and even fatality.

Cameron Law can help you deal with the effects of a distracted driving accident. We’ll help you get compensated for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages. Contact our Henderson distracted driver accident lawyer at 702-745-4545 to schedule a free consultation today.

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